Yields of 16% Plus

Detroit is starting to recover. Unemployment rates are falling. House prices are rising. But prices are still at their lowest since 1993. And because they are so low, you can achieve rental yields of 16% and often more. Big business is now investing billions of dollars in Detroit.

Experienced Management Team Take Care of Everything For You

The Property Management Team collects and manages rental payments, pays your rent into your chosen bank account, finds new tenants, provides maintenance and call out services, supplies online property management accounts and carries out regular property inspections and produces reports.

Already Tenanted Homes Starting From US$ 31,000

Today you can buy 3-bedroom homes in middle-class areas of Detroit for a fraction of what they sold for just a few years ago. These are completely refurbished, tenanted properties. With rental yields in excess of 16% nett. This is an easy to manage, hassle free investment.

Your Exit Strategy is Ready

For best results you should view this as a mid to long-term investment (5 to 10 years). You will get all your money back in just over 6 years. Another option is to offer your property to your tenants on a Lease-to- own basis. Over five years the tenant will make additional monthly payments towards the price of the house. At the end of five years, a ‘balloon’ payment is made for the balance of the agreed purchase price.


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